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Have you ever been approached by your single friends asking you to hook'em up with somebody you know , or with one of your facebook friends? Ever thought to hook up 2 of your facebook friends ?

Whether you feel two of your friends should date, meet for business or simply become friends, Hookem is a fun and interactive app that allows you to do that.Hook up your facebook friends in easy steps .

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Hookem Up

Choose two of your facebook friends, Send them a hook up request, Pick a hook up purpose, Write a small message and submit the hookup.

My Hookups
Follow the status of your hookups: If both friends accept the hookup request they become a match and can chat.If anyone of them rejects the hookup request then its a failed Hookup. Every hookup request expires in 5 days.

My requests

If anyone hooks you up with a friend, then it is a request. View your hookup requests list : Accept or reject a hookup


View the list of your matches, chat with them and enjoy your hookup :)


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